What is OculoFacial Plastic Surgery?

What is OculoFacial Plastic Surgery?

          Ophthalmology is the field of medicine that encompasses all aspects of eye care (medical, surgical and optical).  Oculofacial plastic surgeons are board certified ophthalmologists who have specialized training in taking care of the tissues and bones that support and enhance the normal function of the eyes.  They perform cosmetic and reconstructive surgery around the eyes and mid-facial region.
          The field of oculofacial plastic surgery may not be familiar to some.  However, with casual observation you may see children or adults with eyelid problems.  These include baggy or droopy eyelids, tearing, eyelid malpositions (turning out, turning in, or retracted), bulging eyes, eyelid twitching, or a mass (mole, lump, or inflammation) of the eyelid.

OculoFacial Plastic Surgery can be subdivided into 4 main areas:

1) Eyelid reconstructive surgery: Including repair of drooping eyelids (eyelid ptosis), sagging eyelid correction (blepharoplasty), eyelid injury repair, eyelid malposition (entropion and ectropion), and revision eyelid surgery.
2) Orbital surgery: Corrective surgery around the eye including repair of trauma to the facial and eye socket bones, removal and biopsy of tumors around the eyes, and inflammatory condition management such as thyroid eye disease.
3) Cosmetic surgery of the eyes and face: Oculofacial plastic surgeons are trained in cosmetic eyelid surgery for bags, aged and sagging eyelid skin, brow droop correction, Asian double eyelid surgery, and facial volume loss correction with implants, fat injections, botox, and fillers. 
4) Tear duct (lacrimal) surgery: Oculofacialplastic surgery includes the diagnosis and repair of tear drainage problems.